What the heck are we even doing? 
Morning Prep

It's pretty simple really... We are monitoring online buy and sell portals for free wood and scrap materials. Specializing in woodworking but not limited too. We are forced to purchase materials from time to time to accent our vision but we want to limit our foot print whenever possible. We are committed to using elbow grease to repurpose at all cost. Rustic but fresh!


We love to push our limits and create with reused pieces, but a good 'ole reclaim is good for the soul. Sometimes we all just need to get dusted off, dolled up and start over! 


We will deliver whenever possible because we appreciate the support so much but otherwise shipping will be arranged per transaction. 

Little side note: we are happy to reclaim furniture and return it back to you if you just can't get to it. Send us a message to discuss further.